MongoDB Professional Services

With a focus on innovative mobile & web app development with Big Data, a single database with powerful data management features is vital.

With hands-on experience in MongoDB services, SoftTeco offers first-grade solutions from MongoDB consulting to development and deployment. You will have unparalleled flexibility to manage massive and distributed datasets in real-time, anywhere.

MongoDB Services That We Offer

MongoDB Сonsulting

If you need extra help with your MongoDB projects – we can guide you at all stages. Our MongoDB consultants work closely with clients to determine the necessary solutions, from consulting to design development, deployment, optimization, performance, and maintenance.

MEAN Stack Development

When it comes to the development of web and cloud-based applications with greater scalability and performance, the MEAN stack is indispensable. Our full-stack MEAN developers work with MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js to develop high scalable web apps and websites quickly.

Web Application Development

SoftTeco develops high-performing and user-centric web applications that bring ultimate value to end-users and serve as a helpful asset for businesses.

Progressive Web Applications Development

We use Angular to build effective PWAs that can effortlessly run on all needed devices from a single codebase thus cutting down your development time and costs.

Single Page Application Development

SoftTeco designs powerful and dynamic SPAs to bring end users the ultimate user experience while retaining high performance of the app.

E-commerce Development

Take your e-commerce business to the next level with an interactive and user-friendly application powered by Angular.

Plugin Development

If you need a specific plugin for your software, SoftTeco can offer you Angular plugin development for maximal efficiency and performance.

Harness the power of your data by hiring our developers to create powerful, high-tech, scalable apps with next-gen databases.

Our Solutions

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We build compatible CMS solutions on MongoDB that provide access to content on a single database. Our MongoDB CMS solutions allow businesses to handle growing audiences within data centers and across regions easily.

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We offer MongoDB solutions to maximize the full power of IoT devices by speeding up the operation and delivery of IoT devices.

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Real-time analytics

Our MongoDB solutions help organizations make data access effortless and streamline data gathering from various sources. Consequently, organizations can analyze data in real-time and handle multiple transactions simultaneously.

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Mobile and web applications

We offer future-proof mobile and web apps with scaling capabilities, flexible schema, and quick launch capabilities. A fully managed backend service lets us build, deploy, and scale mobile apps effortlessly with real-time data synchronization of a mobile database and a cloud.

Benefits of MongoDB 

Horizontal Scaling

MongoDB is a highly scalable database. Users can spread data management across multiple systems and handle large data sets as it expands horizontally via sharding and replica sets.


MongoDB allows users to work with different data structures within a database, making modifying data models based on application requirements easier.

Exceptional performance

Ad hoc queries, real-time indexing, and aggregation allow users to manage and handle large amounts of data quickly.


MongoDB is a document-oriented database; it is incredibly flexible since data is stored as documents. It makes it easy for developers to store large amounts of structured or unstructured data in JSON/BSON formats.

Fast indexing

MongoDB allows users to create various types of indexes to sort, filter and aggregate big data in multiple ways more rapidly.

Powerful queries

MongoDB provides users with fast retrieval and complex big data analytics with a few lines of code.


MongoDB provides flexible costs for clusters. It allows keeping prices low while still handling sudden spikes in traffic. Users can choose an instance that fits their current needs and set it up to scale automatically.

Real-Life MongoDB
Use Cases



With MongoDB, Forbes has built a real-time and dynamic CMS for contributors to upload their content efficiently. It allowed Forbes to accelerate building times for existing products by 58%, release cycles by 4x, and subscriber numbers by 28%.



Toyota has created a smart and automated Factory with MongoDB Atlas and Azure. By analyzing big data collected from vehicles on a cloud platform, the company has elevated the customer experience and reduced TCNA’s annual costs by 20%.



As an e-Commerce platform, eBay uses MongoDB to offer search suggestion features, making it easier for customers to find relevant products. Now, the company runs many MongoDB solutions like product categorization, cloud management, metadata storage, and search suggestions.



Known as a world leader in employee benefit programs and insurance, MetLife relies on MongoDB to power its advanced customer service application, The Wall. The app stores 24 terabytes of data across six servers and gives the company a 360-degree view of its customers, policies, and transactions.

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Why Hire MongoDB developers from SoftTeco?

Certified MongoDB experts
Get end-to-end MongoDB consulting services
Integration with your apps, BI, and ETL tools
An in-depth quality assurance (QA) testing prior to go-live
24/7 managed services and DBA support
Data Security solutions

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