Scrum Master VS Project Manager: Is There a Real Difference?

Scrum Master VS Project Manager: Is There a Real Difference?

A scrum master and a project manager are two different roles. It is important to differentiate between them when planning a software project.

Upcoming Luxury Smartwatches

Upcoming Luxury Smartwatches

At the beginning of the year, a number of luxury watch brands had some intriguing announcements about the future launches of their own smartwatches. They may become effective competitors to Apple Watch if they are able to fuse the best traditions of Swiss watchmaking with modern smartwatch capabilities. Let’s stick around and see the list of the most interesting smartwatches coming soon.

The Process of Managing Changes to Business Requirements Throughout a Project

The Process of Managing Changes to Business Requirements Throughout a Project

During software product development, it is important to manage changes to project requirements in an organized manner to deliver the expected results on time.

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

Our article will guide you through the main stages of the mobile app development process and will give you an approximate time estimate for every stage.

SoftTeco Named Top Web Developer in Belarus by Clutch!

SoftTeco Named Top Web Developer in Belarus by Clutch!

In light of our achievement, we’ve been named a Top Web Developer in Belarus by Clutch, a platform that helps potential buyers select an appropriate vendor. We’d like to give thanks to our customers for participating in client interviews on our behalf, rating us an amazing 4.7 out of 5 stars!

How to Decide Which Features Are Crucial In Your MVP App

How to Decide Which Features Are Crucial In Your MVP App

MVP is an obligatory stage in the development process of a software product for any business. One of the biggest challenges related to MVP development is the choice of the fundamental features that will bring value to the user.

Semantic HTML: why you need to adopt it and how to use it right

Semantic HTML: why you need to adopt it and how to use it right

Semantic HTML offers many benefits such as clearer code and faster development. To achieve maximal results, developers need to know about the do’s and don’ts of using this practice.

5 Things to Ask About Before Funding an App

5 Things to Ask About Before Funding an App

Investment in mobile applications can be quite risky as there are several major pitfalls that should be taken into consideration. We listed down the obligatory questions to ask before finding a mobile app. Redesign is Here! Redesign is Here!

As one of the leading providers of software development services, we want our clients to have amazing experience with SoftTeco from the start. And for that, we needed to have an interactive and high-performing website that would provide the users with all the needed information.

How to Create a Converting Mobile App Icon: Best Practices

How to Create a Converting Mobile App Icon: Best Practices

The first thing that creates an impression of a mobile application is the app icon in the store. When the user browses the App Store or the Google Play Market, he sees dozens of colorful icons but will only tap on the one that grabs attention and seems relevant to his interests.

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Top 7 Most Demanded Features in Real Estate Management Software

Top 7 Most Demanded Features in Real Estate Management Software

Real estate management involves dozens of complex workflows and all of them need to be well-organized. To facilitate the process, development companies design real estate software that offers centralization and automation of these workflows. 

SoftTeco has experience in developing applications for real estate management. While every client had different set of requirements, there were certain features that were essential for every solution. 

CRM functions

A client is the centerpiece of real estate management so it’s crucial that you have all client-related processes organized perfectly. Thus, a good property management app should have advanced CRM functionality to help you leverage communication with the clients.

Contact storage

A real estate management application serves as a central hub for all your contacts and potential leads. Thus, it is important that the app can store all the information in a clear and organized manner and provide access to it at any point of time.

Client information should include the name, contact details (phone, email), and home address. There should also be an option of easy data editing and a possibility of uploading documents of different formats (like contracts or property photos).

Automated follow-ups  

It’s not enough to just store the client’s information in the app – you should also be able to timely contact the clients and send them regular follow-ups.

For that, the application needs to have automated follow-up functions and the option to set up and schedule reminders and emails. As well, the app should display the preferable mean of communication for every contact in your list and synchronize the follow-ups correspondingly.

Property management and matching

Another essential element of any real estate management system is property management and matching options.

A manager wants to make a perfect offer to the client and also be updated on the status of all the properties in the directory. This is how a well-designed app can help.

Matching a property to client’s requirements

There might be thousands of properties in your directory – imagine how much time it will take to find the perfect one for only one client. Even with advanced filtering, it will take too much of an agent’s time to search through the whole list. 

This is why many property management solutions offer automated property matching. The system is able to independently match the client’s requirements to the property’s features and present an option to an agent.

Property management

A variety of properties in your directory calls for well-organized management. The options that a good property management app offers can include:

  • Easy update of records and information
  • Assignment of managers to the properties
  • SEO optimization of property descriptions
  • Easy access to any property and option to edit it as you need

Automated property management is a big time-saver and facilitates the agent’s work exponentially.

Lead management

It’s not enough to have a list of contacts in the business app – you would want to turn them in the leads. A well-designed application can help you with that.

Personalized offers

It takes a significant amount of time to create and tailor a unique offer for the client. The real estate management application eliminates this problem by providing readymade templates that take little time to fill.

In addition to proposals creation, such an app also helps in designing a sales funnel, personalized emails, and similar offers to enhance user experience and promote conversions.

Better interaction with the clients

Timely follow-ups and automated reminders help agents retain a constant flow of communication with clients and react to any additional requests or change of plans. 

As well, the app keeps all the data centralized and displays it in a clear and understandable form. This way, agents can better understand when and how to approach a client and what kind of marketing strategy will be the best for them.

Accounting optimization

Besides managing the leads and building a solid marketing strategy, you will also need to operate numerous accounting operations, like invoicing. Many software development companies consider that when designing their products. As a result, most of the property management applications come with the built-in set of accounting features:

  • Easy and fast creation of invoices
  • Optimized account management
  • Automated creation and sending of statements to the clients 
  • Optimized disbursements

The automation and optimization of these processes can save up to a dozen working hours per week and minimize the possibility of any errors or data leaks.

Built-in analytics

Every business decision that you make should be based on the data. For that, you will need analytics and clear reporting in order to understand the state of your business, sales dynamics, clients’ behavior, and other important aspects of real estate management.

Thus, a good property management application should have a robust reporting system, including:

  • Advanced analytics to track the performance of your managers, see the status of sales and track them
  • Sales and marketing metrics
  • Graphs, charts, or similar visuals
  • Clear dashboards

In order to grow the business and ensure your clients receive valuable offers, you have to analyze the state of your business and its performance and see whether there are any areas that can be improved or certain processes that need to be eliminated.  

Operations management

Another important aspect is the management of all operations and processes related to real estate management, especially the optimization of creating and managing contracts and transactions.

For that, the app usually has ready templates for creating contracts and an automated transacting. This allows agents to both save their time and eliminate the possibility of human error upon work with the documents.

As well, such an app can automate almost any process that you wish, upon a request. This will be especially beneficial for big companies that have multiple complex workflows that need to be organized and centralized.

Tools for collaboration

Last but not least – the availability of options and tools for collaboration.

Because the app will most probably be used by numerous agents and managers, it is important that everyone understands what other people do. Thus, the app should provide transparency and easy navigation through the tasks. As well, the app should allow the company owner or the senior manager to assign roles and tasks, easily track them, generate reports, and set up reminders and emails for all the team members.


Even though these features are common for most of the real estate management application, they are not obligatory. The functionality of an app will depend solely on your business and its type. 

Some companies focus on marketing while others specialize in automation of all financial operations. So before looking for a software development company, list down the preferable application functionality to have an outline of a future product.

At SoftTeco, we have experience working with real estate companies and we know what kind of requirements and pitfalls such apps may have. Our team will be glad to consult you and provide a custom solution in full compliance with all your requirements and needs.