SoftTeco Takes Part In the ParentSmart Employers Program

Softteco is taking part in the ParentSmart Employers program that is supported by the UNFPA and the Embassy of Sweden in Belarus. The program is aimed at providing the maximal convenient working conditions for the employees with children so they can successfully combine work and parenting responsibilities. As for the employers, the adoption of this program can help retain employees and reduce the labor shortage.

SoftTeco Takes Part In the ParentSmart Employers Program

SoftTeco joined the ParentSmart Employers Program two years ago and since then our company has been working in the direction of its full implementation. Right now two SoftTeco employees are undergoing training from Tiina Bruno, the author of the program and the founder of the ParentSmart Employers concept. As well, we plan to hold regular meetings with SoftTeco parents and those employees who are interested in smart parenting and on November 24 we had our first meeting within the ParentSmart Employers program.

As Victor Petrov, the director of SoftTeco, states, many SoftTeco employees have children and every family has a unique vision of who should be taking parental leave and how many children to have. So the primary responsibility of the company is to enable the freedom of choice and to support every family in its decision. This is the main idea that we would like to keep in mind when participating in the ParentSmart Employers program.

According to the UNFPA representative Taisia Eleckih, “the creation of comfortable conditions for combining both parental and working functions is a modern trend in HR management and it brings many tangible benefits to the employers and the government”. SoftTeco is glad to be part of such an important program and we will continue working on its smooth and efficient implementation. 

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