SoftTeco at GITEX-2022

On October 10-14, 2022, Dubai held GITEX – one of the world’s biggest tech conferences. GITEX stands for Gulf Information Technology Exhibition and its ultimate goal is to bring together the world’s most innovative technologies that advance businesses, society, and culture.

SoftTeco at GITEX-2022

SoftTeco attended GITEX as a guest and it was the first time we took part in this conference. Our company was represented by Natalia Atamanuk, VP Solution Advisor, and Aleksey Oborin, Head of IT Projects. As per their words, GITEX not only provided great opportunities for networking and connecting with potential partners but also helped better understand the UAE market and the most effective ways to enter it in regard to our expertise and skills. 

Expert Opinion

I’ve attended many tech conferences but GITEX so far is the biggest one that I’ve ever been to. What’s great about it is that GITEX allows companies of any size to display their innovations and find a perfect “match”, be it a business partner, an investor, or a client. As for SoftTeco, our primary goals were to research the UAE market, meet our current clients, and obviously, get to know local companies and establish good relationships with them. And judging by how everything went, I can say that the UAE market seems like an excellent growth path for SoftTeco.

VP Solution Advisor at SoftTeco

Expert Opinion

What was interesting to learn about the UAE market was the fact that the most promising and upscale sector in the country to work with is the government. It actively looks for tech companies with strong expertise in AI, machine learning, and data science, so SoftTeco’s Data Science and ML Department has a good chance of fulfilling its potential in this area. Another thing about GITEX that impressed me was the high level of communication and transparency. People were really enthusiastic about approaching us and I’m glad we had a chance not only to represent SoftTeco but also to meet so many amazing people.

Head of IT Projects at SoftTeco

Aleksey Oborin

This year’s conference saw over 4000 guests and had approximately 1000 speakers discussing the most various tech-related topics. The main areas of interest were 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud & Edge, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Blockchain, Data Analytics and Smart Cities. Representatives of tech companies around the world had an opportunity to find investors, share their knowledge, and find reliable partners to work together on the most innovative projects. And judging by the fact that GITEX-2022 had exhibitions featuring flying cars and the most advanced robots, it’s safe to say that the UAE tech market is developing at an incredibly rapid pace and welcomes tech innovators to contribute to the development of revolutionary technologies.

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