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DevOps Engineer

About this position

The project lies in the healthcare industry and is an AI-powered platform for patients and doctors. The main goal of the platform is to provide patients with the most suitable treatment plan based on their profile. For that, the platform uses Artificial Intelligence to transform unstructured patient data into a structured dataset. The platform then compares this dataset against the data from clinical trials and studies around the world and suggests a corresponding treatment plan.


  • Design, configuration, and deployment of the platform;
  • Independent task execution without the need for micromanagement;
  • Providing actionable recommendations to the clients based on best practices for integrating several products in a single solution;
  • Providing expert consultations on main types of information systems and potential risks that might occur during their long-term deployment;
  • Smooth deployment via scenario updates and performance of diagnostics;
  • Software setup and configuration, collection of data during the testing stage.


  • Strong Linux, networking knowledge;
  • Strong knowledge of a scripting language (Bash or Python);
  • Familiarity with Docker, experience in multistage building;
  • Commercial experience in setting up CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, Bitbucket Pipelines);
  • Commercial experience with GCP or Azure;
  • Commercial experience with Terraform;
  • Experience in building monitoring systems (Prometheus + Grafana);
  • Experience in database management (SQL, NoSQL);
  • Solid knowledge of configuration management systems, message queues, service-oriented architecture;
  • Commercial experience in building application architecture;
  • English level B1 (and upper).

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