SoftTeco Named Top Web Developer in Belarus by Clutch!

In light of our achievement, we’ve been named a Top Web Developer in Belarus by Clutch, a platform that helps potential buyers select an appropriate vendor. We’d like to give thanks to our customers for participating in client interviews on our behalf, rating us an amazing 4.7 out of 5 stars!

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As one of the leading providers of software development services, we want our clients to have amazing experience with SoftTeco from the start. And for that, we needed to have an interactive and high-performing website that would provide the users with all the needed information.

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Best of SoftTeco Clutch Reviews

We are glad to contribute to the development of the clients’ business with our products and are honored to be recognized and trusted by the industry leaders.

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Best of SoftTeco Clutch Reviews

Best of SoftTeco Clutch Reviews

Reviews of SoftTeco by Clutch: the Most Interesting Cases

With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, SoftTeco creates software products for clients from various domains. Even though every project differs in terms of size and complexity, our team consistently delivers high quality of the products and helps clients achieve their business goals. We are glad to contribute to the development of the clients’ business with our products and are honored to be recognized and trusted by the industry leaders. 

Due to the successful completion of the project, our company received numerous positive reviews on Clutch that we would like to share with you. Below are the reviews on three completely different projects and all of them are positive which is a great indicator of SoftTeco quality of work.

Review #1: a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution

The client worked on a SaaS BI solution and needed an experienced team to take over the admin panel development and assist with the project. Because the product is incredibly comprehensive, the client had certain issues with development capacity and thus contacted SoftTeco for help.

Our team was fully responsible for admin panel development. We created the user-management portal in HTML5 and the admin functionality to enable the panel users to create their own workflows. After successfully implementing the panel, SoftTeco started working on the graphical editors for the workflows.

The client was especially impressed by SoftTeco’s experience in terms of project management and by the team’s dedication and enthusiasm: “They hold themselves accountable and truly take ownership of the work despite being an external partner. It would have been easier for them to just sit and wait until something happened, but they’ve kept pushing in an aggressive and proactive manner. The sense of dedication makes them feel like a real part of our team and business”. 

SoftTeco continues to work on the project and is proud to be part of such a product. Read the full review here.

Review #2: mobile and web app development

The client works with several startups and assists them with software development services. When one of the startups required the development of mobile and web applications, the client chose SoftTeco as the service provider.

SoftTeco team created a custom solution atop the existing one and ensured that the application had all the required functionality. In addition, the team managed to deliver the product in four months only. 

Apart from this project, SoftTeco continued working with the client on the numerous projects and for all of them, delivered excellent quality within a stated period of time. The client trusted us with so many projects due to SoftTeco technical competency and was impressed with our experience and level of skills. As the client said: “ I couldn’t justify moving to another team because SoftTeco was performing so well and deserved our business”.

For SoftTeco, collaboration with the client has been a great experience and an excellent chance to showcase our skills and knowledge. We look forward to more mutual projects and are glad to leave such a good impression of our work. Read the full review here

Review #3: cross-platform mobile application

 SoftTeco is responsible for developing an award-winning mobile application for the client from Saudi Arabia. The application runs on iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms and received very positive feedback from the users.

The client needed a reliable development company to create an efficient mobile application with the use of the latest technologies, like voice recognition. He chose SoftTeco due to our proven record of experience in mobile app development and deep knowledge of the latest and most efficient technologies.

As a result of our collaboration, the client received a high performing mobile application with integrated GPS, voice search, direct calling, and coupon functionality. The client noted the quality of SoftTeco’s work and was greatly satisfied with the product. SoftTeco, in turn, is happy to work on such projects as they bring value for both our clients and the end-users. Read the full review here.


SoftTeco is immensely honored to be part of the amazing projects that bring value to the users and help clients optimize and leverage their business processes. With every project, we get new valuable experience and thus continue growing in a steady manner with the aim to deliver one-of-a-kind quality of products. 

Best of SoftTeco Clutch Reviews

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Best of SoftTeco Clutch Reviews
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