Redesign is Here!

SoftTeco is happy to announce the launch of the new website!

As one of the leading providers of software development services, we want our clients to have amazing experience with SoftTeco from the start. And for that, we needed to have an interactive and high-performing website that would provide the users with all the needed information. Redesign is Here!

The most distinctive features of a new SoftTeco website are its seamless performance and high interactivity. SoftTeco design team created the website with all modern UX/UI trends in mind which resulted in an attractive and intuitive layout. As for performance, the development and QA teams made sure to consider all possible bugs and risks and prevented them by writing robust and secure code.

To communicate the brand’s identity to the users, the homepage features a video that shows life inside SoftTeco. As for the navigation, the users can easily scroll through different website sections and find the needed information with a few clicks only.

We thank everyone who took part in creating the new SoftTeco website – you did great work! We are certain that our audience will enjoy the new look of the SoftTeco site and will find lots of valuable information in our blog and other sections.

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