SoftTeco’s Colleagues Receive GMP Certifications

SoftTeco’s Colleagues Receive GMP Certifications

We are glad to announce that our colleagues Stas Kuzmich, Roman Navarych, Kate Mazanik, and Pavel Vilbik recently received GMP certifications issued by the IPM business school. These certificates confirm successful completion of the General Management Program and serve as indicators of a high level of managerial experience, skills, and knowledge.

The program is aimed at identifying one’s managerial style, main strengths and weaknesses, and improving the leadership skills with both theory and practice. A lot of attention was paid to Emotional Intelligence, public speaking, understanding of people and their behaviour at work.

Expert Opinion

What was great about the program is the fact that we were able to apply our knowledge to practice during the studies. In this way, it becomes much easier to learn new material and I can say that the course impacted my work as a Project Manager in a very positive way.

Project Manager at SoftTeco


It’s not the first time when SoftTeco employees complete a course in the IPM business school. Many of our C-level executives completed the Executive MBA program and other colleagues successfully passed the General MBA course. SoftTeco is committed to providing high-quality services and continuing the growth and development of its employees. The GMP certification of our staff serves both of these goals and we will continue working towards them.

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