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In light of our achievement, we’ve been named a Top Web Developer in Belarus by Clutch, a platform that helps potential buyers select an appropriate vendor. We’d like to give thanks to our customers for participating in client interviews on our behalf, rating us an amazing 4.7 out of 5 stars!

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As one of the leading providers of software development services, we want our clients to have amazing experience with SoftTeco from the start. And for that, we needed to have an interactive and high-performing website that would provide the users with all the needed information.

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Best of SoftTeco Clutch Reviews

We are glad to contribute to the development of the clients’ business with our products and are honored to be recognized and trusted by the industry leaders.

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5 Best Pieces of Advice for Securing Database

5 Best Pieces of Advice for Securing Database

Every modern company is powered by data. Data, in its turn, is incredibly sensitive and any data security breach can lead to terrible losses. With the security breaches increasing by 11% this year and cybercrime damages reaching $6 trillion annually, the issue of data security is as vital as ever.

Even if you are sure about the security of your database, it always pays to double-check and see whether you missed anything. Below you will see the top-5 pieces of advice on securing your database that every business should put into practice.

1. Store the data on separate servers

One of the most efficient practices for enhancing security is to host the company’s site on one server and to use the other server for data storing. In this case, even if someone hacks the website server, they still won’t have any access to your database.

You can also use stronger security controls for the data-storing server and create a few permissions to limit the access to the server.

2. Ensure a sufficient level of protection

Once you have separate servers, make sure they are protected well. Here is a quick checklist:

  • Check the firewalls,
  • Check for the anti-malware software,
  • Limit the access to the database server,
  • Generate one-time passwords.

These are the most essential things that you need to do so that your server is secured. However, do not hesitate to use any additional practices – they will enhance security.

3. Do not forget encryption

The data encryption makes it unreadable for the hackers – and your employees as well!

It may happen that an employee wishes to access a file that they do not have permission for. In this case, the encrypted data will prevent them from doing so. Encryption is basically the final defense line between your data and hackers or unwanted users. So encrypt everything important, from documents to backups to keep your data safe. You can do so either automatically (once the data is entered, it gets encrypted) or ask your system administrator to manage that.

4. Perform regular updates

Many companies use different third-party widgets or plugins for their website or database. And these are the perfect hit points for the hackers. Even if you have an excellent internal defense, these external plugins may become the point of hacker’s attack.

To eliminate this problem, make sure to update the patches on a regular basis. This will add security to your system and will prevent hackers from getting into the database.

5.Comply with GDPR

You must remember about GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation, rolled out by European Union last year. The new regulation takes a strong focus on the users’ right to manage and delete their data and also their consent about data collection.

So in order to comply with GDPR, you have to anonymize all the data from the server before giving it for further processing and work. The anonymized data cannot be re-identified and is not a subject to the GDPR.

You can use the following techniques to anonymize the data:

  • Directory replacement,
  • Scrambling,
  • Masking,
  • Blurring,
  • Personalized anonymization.


These are the most essential steps that any company needs to take in order to provide a secure environment for data storage. Of course, there are more security practices that can help you prevent the database from being hacked. It is highly recommended to consult an experienced software development company that will analyze your level of security and provide recommendations on its enhancement.

5 Best Pieces of Advice for Securing Database

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5 Best Pieces of Advice for Securing Database
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